Monday, October 07, 2013

Handmade gift ideas

I'm trying to keep Christmas really cheap this year, (sorry everyone!) and I'm hoping to start thinking and working early enough to make some really nice gifts with things I already have.  As I've been brainstorming, I realized that I'm not sure which handmade gifts are actually nice to receive and which aren't.

Banana bread is easy and yummy, but it's easy for everyone to make, so does that make it a not-nice gift?

Hot pads are not at all glamorous, but doesn't everyone have grimy hot pads?  So maybe they would be a nice gift.

What about those soup or muffin kits in the jars?  I always like them and think that they are fun, but I like to make stuff.

Notebooks?  I love notebooks, but I'm crazy about lists.

So I'm looking for more input from my neighborhood. Imagine we're standing on the corner waiting for the bus, or watching the kids swing in the park.  What would you say makes a nice gift?  What's actually NOT nice?

Thanks.  :)


Susan said...

I love hot pads and food. The mixes in jars are cute and thoughtful, but I never end up using them and then it just sits in the cupboard, making me feel anxious.

I always appreciate a theme, or something personal. For example, bread with a funny limerick about that person. Or a hot pad, made out of something unique to them.

For people you don't know very well, or gift exchanges, I find an old Christmas movie on DVD and a bag of microwave popcorn is always a big hit. It's cute, clever and ultimately regiftable if they already have it/don't like it.

Trinket said...

I agree that hot pads are always nice, and I LOVE notebooks! Like Susan, I always think the mixes are cute but never end up using them.

Last year I did a trio of spice mixes for meat in little plastic containers for people and they were a big hit. I also did some yummy almonds.

Thinking about things I like to receive: anything with a personal touch, Christmas decorations, no matter how simple, pictures...there are lots of cute simple ideas on Pinterest, too. Ooh, one of my favorite homemade gifts from you was the bread!! I don't make bread like that and it was so tasty!

Susan said...

Ooh, just thought of another idea. You could do all sorts of beautiful photo project/presents with Matthew's farm pictures. A three picture frame, or a photo book, or a photo poster with a poem or a quote or a verse. You could pick up cheap frames from Goodwill and repurpose them, or make a calendar or something. Those pictures are just begging to be turned into art.