Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After School Snacks

After school is a crazy time around here.  Both babies wake up from naps when Anna gets home from school, or are woken up in order to pick up Anna from school, so at 3:15, I have a house full of hangry children (you know, angry because they're hungry)

I have tried looking on Pinterest for after school snacks, but these are way beyond my abilities.

Remember that I have trouble feeding my family regular MEALS, let alone elaborate snacks, and that nap time is MAMA time, not time to be creating elaborate snacks, and it is possible that at 3:15 I'm a bit hangry myself, and not in the mood for making elaborate snacks.

So I'm looking for some real world ideas that take less than 1 minute to throw on a plate.

Whatcha got?


Melanie said...

What I've got is a houseful of hangry myself every day after school!

I just posted about Energy Bites-make them before Anna gets home and they're ready to go.

Melt shredded cheese between 2 tortillas and cut into quesadillas. Melt cheese and a piece of lunchmeat on a tortilla and roll it up. Or PB on a tortilla. Cheese and crackers, PB and crackers, baby carrots and ranch, (or PB). Cut up bell peppers and ranch, sliced apples and PB. (Have you caught on to the themes in our house yet?) I like to make a bunch of muffins, freeze them, then nuke them at snacktime. Smoothies (but they aren't quite as quick)

In the Mix said...

Yogurt and graham crackers, cheese sticks, carrot sticks and hummus, pudding, fresh bread with butter and honey, bananas and peanut butter, graham crackers and Nutella, granola bars, peanuts and raisins, trail mix, popcorn.
That's all I've got.

lobiwan said...

There are still Snickers in the freezer. You're welcome.

Roach Momma said...

Melanie and ITM beat me to the punch! Those are pretty much our standards around here too. Energy bites are my go-to snack when we have play-dates. Kids eat those up! I tend to lean towards something with more protein (peanut butter, hummus, cheese, yogurt, even hard-boiled eggs)to really attack the hangries and keep the kids from snacking up until dinner time. You can do it! :)

Kelsey Gray said...

HAHA, I saw that same post on Pinterest and went through the same though process.
My ideas are: bake up 24 healthy banana muffins, freeze them the same day. Take 3 out 30 minutes before snack time. Fresh and filing.
Carrot sticks and hummus. My kids love it and you can buy great hummus at SAMS to save time. Also, like Melanie, we do smoothies. It's the only way to get Iris to eat fruits and veggies. The easiest one that all my kids love is 1 banana, 1 C. yogurt, 1 C. spinach. I just tried it out on the two big kids today. They asked for more.

betsyann said...

Thank you! Those are so simple, but sometimes (most of the time) when it comes to feeding people I just panic and it all devolves into chaos until I put on some soothing music and take a deep breath and say a prayer and then throw some crackers at them. Thank you thank you thank you.