Thursday, September 12, 2013

Katie Language

We've been working on phonetic representations of Katie's language for you.  Can you guess what these words are?

1.  kakatil
2.  gore
3.  gogan gragon
4.  gra kak
5.  forsy
6.  oweeowee
7.  poorper
8.  nem
9.  bone
10.  bubba

For extra credit, this word of Jimmy's has two meanings.  Can you guess them?

A.  ba

Answers tomorow!


Melanie said...

Fun! It's like that game, Mad Gab. :)

1. crocodile
2. color
3. ??
4. right back
5. thirsty
6. ouch
7. paper
8. them
9. phone
10. brother

ba=ball and...Papa

Katrina said...

1. Katie feels
2. store
3. Golden Dragon
5. horsey
6. Wizard of Oz :)(Oh-ee-oh,oh oh.)
8. them
9. phone
10. brother

A. water and ?

This is funny, because I can have an entire conversation with Katie. In the last few months, I've needed an "interpreter" less and less, so I'm surprised by how few of these I know.

Susan said...

1. Chocolate milk
2. Story?
3. Golden Dragon
4. Go Cats? (That can't be right)
5. Horsey
6. Cereal?
7. Brother?
8. Them
9. Phone
10. Katie! Assuming she still calls herself Bubba.

ba = ball and bye

So sad that I don't know more of these. Come visit? Tomorrow? Today?

Steven317 said...

1. Cockatiel
2. Al Gore
3. Al Gore riding a dragon
4. This is actually a hybrid word, half Polish (gra) half Russian (kak), which means "game like"
5. Horsey?
6. I have somehow injured myself by throwing these blocks at your head.
7. Pauper, duh.
8. Name?
9. Phone?
10. Katie!

Kelsey Gray said...

That is so funny. I might have to copy your idea with Iris' words. Only those of us close to her can understand what she's saying.