Monday, September 23, 2013

Ridiculous Dilemmas: Powder edition

I have this wonderful old tin of powder.  It's a lovely pink (took these pictures at night in the bathroom, so that doesn't come through...)

And it's BRAND NEW.  The paper is still over the powder.

This is a ridiculous thing to love.  What on earth do I do with it?  How does this play into my grand plan of only keeping things in the house that we NEED or LOVE?

But I do love this powder for some odd reason.  I put it up on the shelf in my bathroom with the other strange pink Paris-y things that I also love.   I just couldn't bring myself to let it go.

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Jenny said...

I completely understand! I love it, too. When I look at it, I have an almost tangible memory of walking into my Grandma's bathroom, where the faint smell of bath powder always hung in the air, like a herald of all the fancy, beautiful mystery that surrounded her; a perfect complement to the gigantic jewelry boxes she let me explore, full of treasures that she let me handle without restriction, and the cabinet full of expensive makeup and nail polishes she let me spend hours trying.

Plus, people do collect such things, especially sealed like that, and they can be worth quite a lot to collectors. So I think you can feel okay about it. :-)