Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall 2013

Hey!   Fall started!  I don't think I've looked at my summer list in months.  Let's see what was on it.

1.  Keep moving photos to new albums
2.  Finish Abby's blanket
3.  All the 4H everything and the Fair
4.  Run away with the kiddos.  Nope, that still never happened.
5.  Get rid of my Gall Bladder.
6.  Swim swim swim   Sad.  We didn't even use up our one book of passes this year.  
7.  Take more videos of cute kids.   I did take a few more videos, but not as many as I would like.  
8.  Finish LIBR 857.
9.  Rearrange Library at School.   I'm STILL waiting on the shelves I was supposed to get this summer!
10.  Think about the future of photo albums and best use of time.  

Okey doke.  That's not bad!  What shall we do this season?

1.  Make Christian's Quilt 
2.  MIT 805  Instructional Technology Theory and Practice
3.  Finish Jimmy's baby book.
4.  Make as many Christmas presents as possible, spending as little as possible. 
5.  Work the garden through the end, and winterize.    There was much harvest that was wasted, because of that sadness in October, but it's put to bed now for another year.  
6.  Make another postage stamp block.
7.  Finish Jairus' skunk.
8.  Help Anna make some gifts. 
9.  Make Cosette costume and find something for Jimmy.
10.  ENJOY Thanksgiving and Advent.  Slow down, worry less, look around more.  

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jmlo said...

Your lists always inspire me to consider making lists. :) Maybe one day I will slip from consideration into action...