Tuesday, September 03, 2013

High Hopes

The beginning of the school year is a time to have grand and beautiful plans about the way everything is going to go.  I'm going to be on time for work!  I'm going to go to bed on time!  

I made a plan.  So far we're doing well with the no snooze-ing, not so great with the going to bed-ing, and better with the eating.  And honestly absolutely terrible with the Mama quit working.  I don't know if I've ever done that one single time.  Here's to tomorrow!
Daily Schedule School Year 2013
6:00  Up, no snooze, morning prayers, shower, dress, eat breakfast.
11:30  Home, lunch.
12:00           K & J naps, Mama time, no chores!
2:45   Pick up Anna
3:00  Snacks, homework, chores, piano
4:00  Play outside
5:00 Dinner Prep
6:00  Eat, evening prayers together
7:00  Baths and showers, ready for bed
8:00 Lights out kiddos
9:00  Mama quit working

10:00 Lights out 


MandP said...

I once read up on how to not snooze -- the best advice I saw was to practice when you are not really asleep. Set your alarm for 2 minutes later during the middle of the day, then lay in your bed until it goes off, then get right up and hit the button, so you train yourself to do it when you're not sleepy. I actually think you sent or posted this article???? So far the best way I've found to not hit snooze is to let Ben be the alarm clock. Once he starts asking for me, I have to get up!

betsyann said...

That was something I posted! I remember that, and it was so hard, because even though I wasn't asleep, I still wanted to hit snooze. :) I am a lot more patient if I have a few minutes BEFORE the Katie bug wakes up, so I must get up!