Thursday, September 05, 2013

More plans

For the past eight years or so I've had a daily plan which is the only way I get anything done.  I tend to get overwhelmed and jump from one thing to the next so knowing what I have to do on each day is really a wonderful thing for me.  I hadn't changed my plan for a couple of years, so I decided to update it this year.  I took off dusting because I only do that before I host major holidays at my house, and I just skipped it and felt bad every single week.  It occurs to me now that bathrooms are nowhere on the list.  That may need to be amended...but it probably won't be.  I usually just clean them about two weeks after they start to gross me out.  

Anyhoo-Monday has the tasks that I have to get done at the beginning of the week in order to feel like I can make it.  If the kitchen is messy on Monday, we might just not eat all week.  It's Anna's job to water the plants.  

Tuesdays are computer days, and the only day when I do my chores during naps, because I can't be on the computer at all when the cherubs are awake.  

Wednesdays are busy with piano and church, so there's not much to do there but take advantage of the trip to town and try to do anything that needs to be done.  

I love my new Thursdays!  Anna's vaccumming this year, and my job is to fill up a bag of stuff to get out of the house.  I've been through the kitchen and the living room so far and I just love it.   I usually do this during nap because it's fun for me.  

I tried to make Fridays fun days.  I do a little work on the giant photo album project, and then ideally write posts for the whole week so I can enjoy the online community all week long without trying to carve out computer time.   I guess that's during naps too.  That doesn't leave me much time to play crafts.  We'll have to see how it goes.  

Betsy’s Schedule 2013
Monday:   Tidy, Laundry, Water Plants, Kitchen
Tuesday:        Bills, Photos, Correspondence, LL, LLB
Wednesday:        Trash, Menu, Grocery List, Errands
Thursday:      Vacuum, Fill one bag to donate.
Friday:         Move pictures for 30 minutes, Blog

How do you organize your days?


In the Mix said...

I like the idea of a steady schedule. Before we moved I did do certain things on certain days but I don't think I ever put pen to paper to keep those things straight. Maybe once we get settled I'll have more of a a set schedule like this. I do think I should implement no computer time while kiddos are awake. This would have to include my phone too. :/ And, the blogging on e a week for the whole week sounds good too. Good ideas.

Melanie said...

Looks good! I have been unmotivated to follow my chore schedule, even when I include scrapbooking and fun things. My time just always seems to get sucked away.

That's neat you are not on the computer at all while your kids are awake! I admit it's an easy escape for me to sit and read blogs, etc. That is probably where some time gets sucked!

betsyann said...

No computer is the goal, not always the reality. I do get to read blogs if we're early for something, so that's a good incentive to get out the door on time!