Friday, September 27, 2013

Oddly Soothing: Sippy Cups

One of my favorite books in the world is Papa's Wife by Thyra Ferre Bjorn.  There's a scene from the book that I often think of.  The Mama is polishing the shoes of all of the children, and they ask her why she smiles, and she says that it is her favorite chore, because she thinks of each child as she shines the shoes, and prays for each, and is thankful for each.  (My mom read it because I recommended it and she didn't like it too much, saying "Betsy-NOTHING bad happens!  How realistic is that?  A big immigrant family and NOTHING BAD happens to them?"  So you can see why I love it)

I've been trying to pay attention to the funny little things in my days that I really enjoy.  

This one that I found really made me laugh.  I love putting together the sippy cups.  They all have different lids and parts and it's like a bunch of super easy puzzles and all the pieces are right there and when you're done you're prepared for the next day!  Because there's not much worse (except the millions of things that are ACTUALLY worse) than a whiny child who is pulling on your leg for a drink and the cupboard is bare of cups and you have to WASH one first.  Horrible.

Hooray for clean cups!  What chores do you find oddly soothing?


Melanie said...

Hanging laundry, mowing the yard, and vacuuming!

jmlo said...

I loved Papa's Wife too. While reading it--I remember always expecting something horrible to happen and I was relieved that it never did. :) (I have been trying to think of something I do that is oddly soothing but what would that be?)