Monday, September 16, 2013

In the Library

This year we had inservice in one of the libraries in town and it was all cute with lots of decorations and I started to feel bad.  I don't have any room at all in our library, since it is also used for Science and Art, with library squeezed in the middle, but I thought I could at least decorate the ceiling so I strung a bunch of pom poms on fishing line and hung them from the ceiling.  It looks fun and happy and the kids like it.

I've been wanting a poster like this for the library since I saw it last year, and I finally made us one.  I used some cardboard we got with a shipment of posters, traced and painted the letters, and then glittered the Be the Good letters.  I didn't realize the glitter would completely cover the blue, or I wouldn't have spent all the time painting the letters blue under there!  It doesn't look as good as I would like, but I still have grand dreams that it will inspire all of the children to "be the good".

That's how many books come back to the library each morning.  That box goes all the way down.  It's the third week of school, so I'm slowly coming out of the back to school panic that hits every year, and especially this year with so many changes.  I'm on my own in the library this year, with a new principal and the new job of also being head teacher when she's not there (that's mostly just discipline-yuck).  But I had a lot of parents come to my volunteer meeting and I think I'm going to have some really great help in the afternoons with shelving and having someone there to check out before the end of the day.  The shelving really is a huge deal.  Look at all those books!

This month in the library we're focusing on The Constitution and American History.  The kids are all going to learn the preamble, and the reading challenge is to read 10 books on the topic, and we'll be listening to John Phillip Sousa during check out.  The part of the job where you make the library into a different kind of theme party every month is my favorite.  :)

I'm so thankful for this job-even on the panic days.

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Melanie said...

I wish you were our librarian! :)