Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Systems for Anna

Yesterday Katie yelled "Focus!" at Anna, which gives you some idea of our constant battle with distraction
(and the little sister's innate ability to push buttons).  It's not the worst problem in the world-Anna loves to read.  We have a hard time pulling her out of a book to do anything else, and while it is hard not to just love that she loves reading, there are other things that have to be done in life!

This fall, to cut down on the nagging, we made these lists.  One for the morning, one for after school, and one for before bed.  She can't read until these things are done.  We worked on the lists together, and then she made the stickers and put them on and I cut the folders.  We used sticky magnets cut into little pieces for the closure, with bigger sticky magnets on the back to keep them on the fridge.  

Mornings have been going about a million times better, and we've been mostly on time to school every day!

After school is a bit more of a battle, because sometimes reading is a part of her homework, and then she gets stuck in the book and really hates to come out.  But we're getting there.

Evenings are a bit better, I think, though we forgot to make the sticker for "Lay out clothes" and so she forgets that EVERY NIGHT and has to be reminded.  Maybe we'll get that sticker made this afternoon while I'm thinking about it.  

Any other tips?

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