Saturday, August 08, 2009

And a bus

Car, shuttle, airport train, airplane, light rail, walking, train, taxi, rental car...

and a message from Amtrak saying that due to work on the line, we'd be taking a bus back to Portland instead of the train.

Matthew volunteered to sit by Anna on the bus so he wouldn't have to sit by a stranger. The bus almost filled all the way up, but I got to sit by myself the whole time. It was really nice.

In Portland we had a few hours before we needed to be at the airport, so we did some more downtown exploring. They held our luggage for us at the Train Station for $9.

We found a shady park in the Park Blocks,

Saw the cool Chinese elephant statue,

and found Mama some Sushi!

The sushi all came around the restaurant on a conveyor belt, with pricing according to different colored plates. I really had no idea what anything looked like, so I can't tell you what I had, but it was good! I found several vegetarian options which Anna enjoyed, with chopsticks and all. Asparagus and cream cheese, cucumber, edamame, she's my adventurous eater!

Then back to Union Station to load up and walk back to the airport. Here's Matthew tying the car seat to his backpack.

We tried to stop at the Chinese Garden on the way, but it was all walled in, and we didn't find the entrance. (Now I see that there is an admission fee, so it wouldn't have worked anyway. But sometime I want to go)

Anna on the light rail. Poor sweet girl.

At the airport they put her car seat in a big plastic bag and we told her to pull it like her own rolly suitcase. She was very proud to help.

We flew back to Denver and went straight to the cabin, where there were Marshmallow coals waiting for us.

Commence Vacation Part Two!

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