Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And now it's my turn

The kids came back to school, Anna started school, and today I start my third class.

FL 561 Teaching Second Languages

I'm a little nervous about this one because I have FOUR books, 1455 pages in all. Eeek.

This summer I really enjoyed working at Patrick Dugan's, so maybe I'll try to sneak away and do the same for this class. It's more fun than shutting myself in my office.

I guess summer's all the way over now--let's see how I did on my summer list.

1. Fix Windshield
2. Scrapbook-2 years worth
3. Funeral book
4. Anna 8x10's
5. Anna Frame
6. Shannon Quilt (teensy bits of progress)
7. Molly G Quilt (picked out fabric)
8. Learn to Machine Quilt
9. June video
10. July video
11. Oregon trip with girls June
12. Oregon trip with family July
13. Cabin trip with family sometime
14. Get out summer clothes
15. Keep up with garden and yard (mostly-it's pretty weedy, but we haven't killed the trees, and the garden is overgrown and crazy, but I've not given up completely)
16. Make Ruffle Top for myself
17. Train for 10K (on track for the Laura K 10K)
18. Felt Rocks
19. Build a compost bin (Matthew was not in favor)
20. Make digital recordings of the tapes I made for Abby when she was 4.
21. Make album from Katrina's wedding.

Not too bad, though I think the scrapbooks were my main priority, and none of that got done. I'm constantly trying to be more realistic, slow down, not try to get so much done, but it's awfully hard. There are so many possibilities!

Fall List tomorrow. Any suggestions?


In the Mix said...

Fewer items? And a visit to Manhattan!

linda jean said...

want to add helping me organize the spare room? I mean, someone this organized really ought to give to those of us without.

betsyann said...

itm-I'm trying to cut back, really. It's hard.

lj-Do you think we can get it done in one good day? How about Labor Day? I don't have school.

linda jean said...

Really? I totally think it's a one day job, especially if I have a companion and bossy person.