Monday, August 31, 2009

Craigslist in SW Kansas!

Matthew refuses to be excited because Craigslist is "morally reprehensible" but I am.

It seems like everyone else in the country uses their Craigslist all the time and finds wonderful deals and I'm excited we have one now too.

Even if there are postings from Lenexa. Sheesh.


In the Mix said...

Why is it "morally reprehensible"?

lobiwan said...

Craigslist is where you used to look if you wanted to have someone killed or hire a prostitute and for a long time they refused outright to limit the ads they would accept or to cooperate with criminal investigators. It is only when they expanded enough for it to be in their interest to stop receiving "bad press" that they made minor alterations to their policies regarding criminal activity on their website. These are people who feel no moral obligation to the society which they are a part of.

Jenny said...

I have never heard this about Craigslist! Where does lobiwan learn such things? Was he at one time looking to have someone killed? ;-)