Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lake of the Woods

On Friday morning we got up went to Lake of the Woods.

First we had some sandwiches, and Jonathan got dirty as quickly as possible. Impressive.

I don't think I'd ever gone swimming in a real lake before. You know, one naturally occurring, and not created by a huge dam. A lake that doesn't smell bad. Definitely not in a lake with a mountain in the distance.

Jeanette brought floaties for the kids, and they had fun floating around, and then I took them out to the deep end so we could get a picture of the mountain behind them too. That was scary for everyone but me, because I'm fool-hardy in the water.

After floating for a while, the kids threw some rocks into the water, and then floated some more, all in the "shorter end".

Jeanette brought two big kid floaties too, and wished she had three.

It was awesome.

That evening Matthew and I went to Ashland to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We asked Jeanette what to eat, and she suggested getting sandwiches and watching the Green Show outside before the play. We got box lunches from Greenleaf and sat outside and watched the Belly Dancers. It was great fun.

Much Ado was wonderful. I always forget how much fun it is to see good Shakespeare. Next time we'll have to go to a couple of shows instead of just one.

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Jenny said...

This all sounds like lots of fun! How great for Anna that she gets to go see her cousin in Oregon, too. I think a lot of kids wouldn't get that chance, and she and Jonathan will probably be closer because of it. Love his dirty face. :-)