Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall List

1. Binding on Susan's Quilt
2. Binding on Christmas Quilt
3. Shannon Quilt
4. Molly G Quilt
5. 1 Scrapbook project (see-trying to be more realistic)
6. Finish training and run in Laura K 10K (ran 5K, better than noK)
7. Can/preserve something from garden.
8. Run away with Anna at least once.
9. Go to bed before 11:00 on school nights. (many nights anyway)
10. Pray a novena (Rosary for 9 days in a row-never yet succeeded)
11. Help Linda organize.
12. Manhattan trip.
13. Redo Anna's room.

Sarah said fewer items. Summer list had 21, so I'm doing OK so far!


In the Mix said...

Really I'm just happy trip to Manhattan made it on the list, but this one does seem a little more realistic.

Melanie said...

I don't like binding quilts--since it's on your list, I'd say you don't either! :)

Amanda Stehlik said...

Great list! My idea...if you accomplish something big that wasn't on your original list, add it just to cross it off. It will make you feel good!

PS. Beth (Bell) Compton and I are going to do the Laura K 10K, too. She will probably run the entire thing. I hope to run half of it. I am not where I wanted to be by now on my training. Oh well, I'm pretty sure I can finish it, even if it takes me 2 hours! :-)

betsyann said...

I hate binding quilts. My least favorite part, but at least it's the last step!

Amanda-what fun! I'll get to give you a hug...too bad I don't have time to make you a quilt, but I'd better not add anything to the list. ;)