Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brennen Leigh - Backslidin' Blues

We were so excited to have Brennen back at the Tumbleweed Festival. She's been a family favorite ever since we saw her 4 years ago at the Festival.

Susan and I went to Austin to see her on our Spring Break trip back in 2007, and Dad has her playing nearly constantly when we go to the cabin. We have 5 CD's (here are four), but what a treat it was to hear new songs! She has a new album coming out sometime soon: The Box. We're all eagerly waiting...

Here's one of the songs-maybe called "Backslidin' Blues"

More tomorrow!


dbilberry said...

Yea, it's good to hear there actually other females out there with my daughter's name. I was beginning to think it was a "boys only" name.

dbilberry said...

Pretty voice! Fun.