Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rivers and Trees

After lunch we went into California to visit the Redwoods, one of my favorite places in the world.
We decided to do some smaller hikes instead of one big one, because I was nervous about having time for a swim.
First we went on the Simpson-Reed Trail, with the Peterson Memorial Loop. It had little informational signs throughout, which was nice. I learned lots of things about the big trees. They have fire-resistant bark, and an incredibly shallow root system. The Loop goes over a couple of foot bridges, I want to go back in the winter when the brooks will be babbling.

Obligatory pictures of Matthew and Betsy holding up giant logs.

We did another little hike, but I can't remember the name, and then we went over to the Smith River to swim!

Linda has gushed about the Smith River, and how it is the perfect place to swim. She is right. The water is COLD and clear. It even took me a minute to get into the water. But not nearly as long as Matthew. While I was waiting for him to talk himself into it I played with the underwater camera.

By the time he did finally get in, I was almost cold.

I suggested we swim across the pool and under the bridge, which was a fun workout. It's harder to swim against a current.

Then we played with the underwater camera some more.

Eventually even I was ready to go hike some more. We went through the Stout Grove, and the Hiouchi Trail, which includes a long fun bridge across the whole Smith River. I wanted to get in again. There was another little hike, and then we drove slowly all through the forest.

Obligatory picture at the big stump.
Back to Brookings, dinner at a little Italian restaurant (mmmm), then back to our spot for Sunset watching and cookies.
Just about a perfect day.


Momma M said...

The two of you underwater looks so surreal. In December Ken and I just drove through the forest in heavy rain; yet even that was a good memory.Yours was definitely "more funner."

linda jean said...

I'm so happy you love the Smith River. I wish that it loved me.