Monday, August 24, 2009

Del Castillo

Oh Tumbleweed, you are so wonderful.

We had a fantastic weekend. Wish you were there. I'm posting all this week about the festival, and next year I'm going to start bossing you all early. Seriously. All of you should be coming home for a visit or coming to town just to see the music. If you're friends with me, you probably like live music too, so there's no reason for you not to enjoy it cheap, in a beautiful setting, with good friends. Great stuff for the kiddies too, so no excuses!

This band from Austin; Del Castillo, was amazing. This was my favorite song: Rios misticos

I bought a CD, I'm making the kids learn something from it. (drums fingers together slyly)


lobiwan said...

I feel a little cheated that they didn't bring their percussionist...

Also, they don't do it in this video, but these guys would play lightning fast heavy metal type guitar solos on their nylon stringed classical guitars--in tandem. Incredible.

Also how cool is it that their bass player sat in on electric guitar with the Fulton Street Band?

Susan said...

AND that they came and whistle whooped for Brennen? They're amazing. I'm thinking we should make another roadtrip down to Texas this year? Stop in San Antonio, check out Brennen's gig, see Del Castillo in Austin, and grab a cookie from the Agua Java in Corpus. You up for it?

linda jean said...

i thought they were whistle whooping seth's guitaring, but either way... my favorite part of the weekend was Jairus showing off flirting skills chatting up the brennen leigh/pretty girl. btw, jen h and i were supposed to go to austin this summer, but we never found the time, so if you go, leave some room in the car for us.

betsyann said...

Who makes plans?

What's Brennen's show in San Antonio?