Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hanging out at the Cabin

We had good fun at the cabin

Eating breakfast
Reading booksEating S'mores

Reading Beauty and the Beast (Maybe that was only Susan)

and enjoying Anna

This year some of her highlights were:
"Want to watch me do something without hurting myself?"
"Let's play Yoshimi and the Robot!"
"Mama, you're contradicting me!"
"What a fiasco!"

It was a great trip all around.


mllr said...

contradicting? She is so smart!

linda jean said...

We listened to Yoshimi Battles the Robots last night in the car... She explained that the robots were in her daddy's field and that Yoshimi works for Garden City and battles the robots with her black belt. Also Yoshimi has a sister with a name that rhymes with Yoshimi.

mllr said...

I miss Anna!