Monday, August 10, 2009

The Stream!

Or as Anna re-dubbed it this year:

The Swimming Hole.

It was an especially rainy week at the cabin, so the first sunny afternoon I rounded everyone up and we headed down to the stream.

We had all of the supplies: boats, hot dogs, matches, knife, string cheese, pringles, cokes, sunscreen...

First up was boat racing and wading

Look at that balance!

Anna checking to see the winner...

Mom's boat.

She wasn't as brave to get in the water as she was last year, but the water was higher and a bit more clear last summer too, so I can understand.

Next up-Pine cone Baseball!

We learned I am a terrible pitcher.

Then we went over to Fire Rock to cook our hot dogs and couldn't get a single match to spark. Silly city kids, I guess.
Sorry Mom.

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