Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Kite Festival

After Church we went back down to the Harbor to see a little of the Southern Oregon Kite Festival.

It was crazy. Lots of kites, lots of people, fun festival food-only things like "clam chowder" and "fish and chips" instead of KS festival food. Not a giant turkey leg in sight.

The best part was the kite dancing. Kite routines set to music. Who knew?

We saw another routine set to "Eye of the Tiger" but I did the filming on that one and it might make you sick. Just imagine a kite dancing to "Eye of the Tiger" rad, huh?

After about three routines, Matthew was done. We had lunch at Smuggler's Cove and then headed to California.


lobiwan said...

I seem to remember us not eating at the kite festival because they only had KS type food and no clam chowder or fish and chips (as we were expecting,) which is why we ate at Smuggler's Cove.

betsyann said...

There was def. clam chowder. I remember.

lobiwan said...

Well they sure didn't have fish 'n' chips, 'cause that's what I wanted.