Friday, October 17, 2008


Running away from home once is fun and spontaneous. Is it borderline irresponsible to do it twice in the same month?

Today Anna and I went south. We drove through Hugoton and into Rolla, where they have free Roller Skating from 6-10 during the school year.

It is hard to skate with a 3 year old!
We went around about 5 times, and then Anna was done. She spent a lot of time on the floor.Still, it was buckets of fun to skate on the original wooden floor, with the local kids.

Then we played for awhile at the elementary school, because it was that beautiful time of day when all of the pictures are amazing.

It would be really nice if she'd hold still for a minute, or look at me, but she's wise to the whole picture taking thing, and impishly refuses to do either.
Then we decided to go to Liberal, because I thought we'd have better luck finding a hotel with an indoor pool and internet there.

We drove there on back roads, which may not sound exciting, but was a huge victory for me, as I have serious map reading difficulties. To illustrate: I kept stopping and turning the map so that it was oriented with where I knew we were, because I was very confused about where the sun was. About halfway through the trip, when numerous things had confirmed that we were heading in the right direction, I realized: "The sun sets in the WEST, not the east. So this is right." See? It's hard for me.

We got here, and ended up picking a hotel because it was cute and cheap and Anna was pretty much too tuckered to swim anyway.

We walked over to the diner next door and after much convincing, had pancakes and eggs and hashbrowns for dinner. Anna did not think it would be OK to eat breakfast for dinner.

I think we're going to go to Dorothy's house tomorrow morning, and then see the Cimarron Grasslands.

But who knows, really?

And that's the beauty of it.

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Melanie said...

Once again, too, too fun, and I'm a little jealous! :)

I think skating is hard, period, kudos to you for trying with a 3-yr old!