Saturday, October 04, 2008

Meltdown. Day two, evening

Anna fell asleep on the way back from the Breaks, and was none too happy when I woke her up to take her to Wal-Mart. The "dress" she'd been wearing all day was WAY too short, and she needed some leggings. She was very much against this. We went back to the hotel, where she spent an hour crying about it. I finally got her calmed down with the promise that she only had to wear the leggings to church, and then she could take them off. This is a post-church dramatization of Anna being sad about the leggings.

We went to Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Anna was good and quiet and charmed everyone around us. It's nice to be able to go to church wherever you are.

After Mass we got dinner from El Reynaldo, a recommended local Mexican place. We brought it back to the hotel to eat so that Anna could get those leggings off.
She was worried there would be nothing for kids to watch on TV, but we found something right away. She loves "The Lawrence Welk Show". She sang, danced, and played imaginary instruments.

Then we had a bath and did one of the little craft projects we bought at the store yesterday. She painted a heart shaped box to keep her barrettes in.

Over-tired, she crawled into bed and complained about it for an hour...I think she's asleep now.



linda jean said...

anna will make someone a great bff. you are a pretty lucky woman even with the whininess

malh said...

Lawrence Welk--how cool! Have you ever watched the organ lady with her...that was Christian's favorite PBS show when he was little.

betsyann said...

The organ lady? Never heard of her, but it sounds like something Anna would like. We're both kind of old ladies sometimes.