Saturday, October 25, 2008

Patience IS a virtue

We made our last batch of crayons today. We did everything right, and they turned out so well!

First, we used all crayola crayons. Anna and I spent FOREVER peeling crayons. Matthew came home and somehow we were able to convince him to help too. I asked him what normal people did with their time, since I don't think they spend two hours peeling crayons. He guessed TV.

We made some more heart crayons and they look great.

Then I spread the rest of them onto our cookie sheet. We had a little more than one layer.

Here they are when we turned off the heat, all melted.

We left them in the oven to cool, with the door ajar and the vent running. I also opened the door a bit for a minute to bring in some new air. The colors continue to mix on the top as it cools.

When it was partially cooled, but still warm, I took it out of the oven and carefully cut it with the cookie cutters. I used a straw to put holes in a couple of them, I was wondering if they'd be cute Christmas ornaments. Then, and this is a very important part--I left them alone!

I came back when they were all cool and was able to flip the pan over and tumble everything out in nice clean pieces. Here you are! They're a pretty sunsetty orange on the front and multicolored on the back.

Then my problem was that I didn't want to throw away the excess of that.

But that's too crazy, so I just enjoyed breaking it all up and then PUT IT IN THE TRASH.

What shall we do next?


Lindsay said...

Oh My GOSH - dig them out of the trash and melt them again to make cool stained glass window ornaments!!! Or at least try! Don't ask me how though, I just get all excited about craft projects without ever actually doing them!

betsyann said...

No, no...don't tempt me. They would have turned all brown and yucky if re-melted. I had to tie up the bag in order not to fish them out again!

I'll tell myself again--brown and yucky!