Thursday, October 23, 2008

Identity Theft!

This is serious. Not credit cards or social security numbers, much more serious.

When the new Volkswagon Bug was introduced in 1998, I wanted one. (I called it a "Hug Bug" I can't remember if everyone did or not. I tried to make a new game, where you gave the person next to you a squeeze whenever you saw one, but it didn't take off. Not as successful as the Carl's Jr./Hardees boycott, but that's another story.) I set about deciding on colors and styling. The only proof I have of this is this post, but those close to me can verify that I've wanted a Barbie Pink Hug Bug with silver glitter lightning stripes for some time.

Tonight, at Dillons, in my own small town, we spotted a custom pink Hug Bug with silvery blue paint splashes. We were too far away, and it was too dark, to verify the actual color of the car or the stripes, but it was too close for comfort.

I have a long history of predicting trends, we've joked about the satellite following my style choices, but this is too far.

That's MY car.

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Susan said...

I am shocked. Outraged. Appalled! What is the world coming to?