Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ain't no mountain high enough...Day three.

We had a nice lazy morning this morning, watching cartoons and eating free breakfast, so we didn't get out of town until Noon.

On the way home we stopped to see Mt. Sunflower, the highest point in KS. It's a fun thing to do. We drove 22 miles on dirt roads to get there. It was windy as all get out, so we didn't take many pictures, I could only get one of Anna.
I grabbed the registration book and looked at it for awhile in the car, would you believe 17 people visited already this month? There was someone who had been there before us, and as we were leaving we passed another "hiking" to the top. On a nicer day it would be fun to have a picnic at the covered table.

Anna was feeling sick as we got back on the road, I think an hour of dirt was a little too much. She fell asleep and so we didn't make any more stops.

She was certainly glad to see her Daddy tonight.

I have to thank Marci Penner and her "Kansas Guidebook for Explorers" . If the Kansas Sampler Festival hadn't come to Garden City, we might not know about the Kansas Explorers Club or the Guidebook, and both have brought good fun to our lives. We love exploring Kansas!


Lindsay said...

That sounds like a great adventure! I too have summitted Mount Sunflower, and it's great to tell people from other parts of the country that Kansas has a "mountain."

nattyman said...

It sure is windy up on top of a mountain.

Next time have Anna drink plenty of water so as to avoid that elevation sickness.