Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cookie Cutter Crayons

Abby and I tried to make some of the cookie cutter crayons on Sunday afternoon. We didn't have a tremendous amount of luck, but we did have fun, and we learned several things for next time.

It's important to use all one kind of crayons because they melt at different times otherwise. We kept waiting for this one little guy to melt and ended up kind of boiling the wax. Oops.

Once it's all melted, you just need to turn off the oven because if you try to pick up the pan, you'll swirl all of your colors together and end up with brown. Eeew.

Use the cookie cutter to cut them when it's solid but still warm, but then WAIT until it's totally cooled before you try to take them out. I think that's why so many of ours broke. When I was cleaning up, hours later, it was much easier to take them out.

To prep, we sprayed the old baking sheet with Pam, and then we melted the crayons at 350. They melted pretty quickly. We're going to try again, using what we've learned. Hopefully it'll go better next time.

Oh! and you probably want ventilation. Abby's head was hurting and my eyes were burning. That may have been from the boiling though. Or the other plastic we accidentally melted earlier. Oops again.

Here's what we managed to get out in one piece. The Kansas shows you what they looked like on top, and the others are flipped over to show the pretty bottom. It think it's really neat how they're different on each side and in the middle.


mllr said...

So pretty! Is the pan ruined after you do this?

betsyann said...

Yes, definitely not fit for food consumption. Or else I'm too lazy to clean it well enough. It's the craft pan now.