Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gimme a break! Day two, afternoon

After lunch I thought we ought to go up to St. Francis to explore a bit more. The drive up was great, I love those flat horizons, as far as you can see.

First thing we did was the River Walk along the Republican River. It was a perfect afternoon, just warm enough with a little breeze. We had a nice ramble along the 3/4 mile trail (one way), I was worried it would wear Anna out too much, but she was a trooper.
Afterwards we had a little snack at the picnic tables.

Then we stopped at a little store to go potty and get a snack. Anna requested fruit. How did I get so lucky with this girl? I got directions to the Arikaree breaks, and we took Lady out on the road again.
I'm not, historically, much for scenery. I like to get out and see pretty things, walk around in them, but not to see them from the car. But the Arikaree breaks are breathtaking. My breath actually caught. You've got to go see them. It's like nothing you've ever seen in Kansas, out of nowhere. My photo gives you no idea of how cool it is.
We also passed from Kansas into Nebraska, and marked Anna's first travel to that state.


mllr said...

what a great state marker!

betsyann said...

Yeah! I turned the car around special to get a picture. I love how Anna's looking towards Nebraska too. I think she was getting tired of being photographed all the time, but it worked out.