Monday, October 20, 2008

I Stuff

I am- still trying to enroll in my first Master's class.
I want- to start getting more rest.
I have- too many things in the to-do pile
I wish- my Mama was still here.
I hate- this election
I fear- regret
I hear- nothing. It's nice and quiet at the moment.
I search- for fun and easy and quick projects, for bargains, for gifts.
I wonder- what heaven's like.
I always- stay up too late.
I usually- buy too many presents.
I am not- meeting my goal of being in bed by 11:00 tonight.
I dance- at school, in the car, in the kitchen, with Anna, circles around Matthew.
I sing- a lot, but not when Matthew's around, apparently.
I never- vacuum the dust coils on my refrigerator, even though that's one of the things magazine people are always reminding you to do. Who does that?
I rarely- eat red meat anymore.
I cry- easily.
I am not always- patient with the kids at school.
I lose- my earplugs in the night sometimes.
I’m confused- about the balance between feeling and doing.
I need-a swimming pool.
I should- do so many things.
I dream- in English, though I'd rather be practicing my Spanish in my sleep.
I TAG- Katrina, Jenny, Sarah, Sara

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Anonymous said...

i can relate to a lot of those, b. thanks for playing the game!