Saturday, October 04, 2008

Goin' with the flow-Day two, morning

We woke up bright and early, watched a little PBS kids while we ate our cereal, and went out to the find a nearly flat tire. We asked the desk clerk for directions to a service station, got air and the recommendation that we get it fixed ASAP. So then we went to Kansasland Tire on Main St, and find they're all backed up and it'll be a couple of hours to get it fixed. I popped Anna in the stroller and we went to downtown Goodland instead of Wallace Co.

We had a fresh bear claw in the Daylight Donut and then went shopping at the thrift store, finding lots of fun goodies.

Then we went to the Hallmark and looked at Christmas ornaments and cards and pretty things. Before we knew it, the tire place called and we went back to get Lady. Inside the tire shop they had lots of big tires, and Anna had a wonderful time crawling through them.

It was too late to try to make the sales, so I asked for a recommendation for lunch. The girl at Kansasland said Crazy R's was great. First we went by the courthouse, because Mom always liked to see the courthouses. It was pretty, with some neat red and blue tiling.
Behind it was a park! Here is Anna "eating a cookie at the tea party in my house" at the top of the slide. We had a lovely visit there.

Then we had lunch at Crazy R's, which had big wooden booths and neat stuff hanging all around, and tasty fries.


Susan said...

She looks so much like 3 year old Betsy in the tire picture. Too cute.

Melanie said...

Fun stuff! You're so good at finding fun little things to do. Did you have a laptop with you?

betsyann said...

My best way to find fun things to do is the "Kansas Guidebook for Explorers". EVERYONE should have one in the car. I did have my laptop, which is how I posted at night, but I didn't use it to find anything.